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My Wedding Dress

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My dream wedding dress was created by Paolo Sebastian, an Australian designer. The dress was light and airy and absolutely perfect for our destination wedding. Unfortunately it also came with a hefty price tag. I knew after seeing this dress that no other would compare. When showing my trusted group of ladies a photo of the dress, they agreed, the dress screamed my name. I then decided that my mother and I were going to try to replicate the dress. Okay, let’s be honest, I begged my mom to recreate the dress herself. I am not nearly as talented with a needle and thread. Though she still says “I did what I could”, I could not have imagined a more perfect dress for my wedding day. It’s what every girl dreams of, feeling like an absolute princess. But it was extra special to me because it wasn’t a dress I bought off the rack, rather a dress my talented mother created for my special day. Thank you, Mom. (more…)